CenturyLink Modem Setup With Reset Option

Modem plays an important role in getting proper internet connections to computers and related devices. Nowadays Wifi modems are becoming more popular and people are intending to purchase this type of modem for doing better internet access. The most common issue in wifi connectivity is inconsistency in connectivity or connection droppings. This issue can be cleared easily with the help of reset option and it can be easily carried out in CenturyLink modem setup. It has some simple step by step instructions that are given in the manufacturer’s manual. Many numbers of manufacturers’ websites are having manual for each and every modem they design. So people should read the manual carefully before they are getting into any sort of reset option with the router.

Moreover, this particular modem has default router settings which are applicable in centurylink router ip address and password. When they read the router manual they will get some clear ideas about the key instructions of router set up. Initially, they need to make the router plugged in and it should turn on. Later on, they should place the reset button which will be given on router itself. It is not easy to press the reset button with finger so people should make use of any sharp thing like pen or pencil for doing it. The button has to be pressed for 10 seconds till the modem light gets to blink.

When the light does not start blinking after the completion of 10 seconds then people should keep on follow some more steps given in the manual. People must stay with holding the reset button then they should unplug the modem. After few seconds they need to turn the power on now it can be visible that the light starts blinking rapidly which shows the consistency of internet connectivity.

Raquel (Author)