Can a 2-hour video be converted into a happy birthday GIF?

A happy birthday GIF with the words happy birthday in german can be made from a video. If you have a video of the person that is celebrating their birthday, you can simply use the video by compressing it thereby converting it to a GIF. But videos are very large in size and you may be wondering whether you can compress a 2-hour video into a GIF file. In essence, taking a 2-hour video and compressing it into a GIF file is a terrible idea and the final GIF file will not be appealing. The good news is that it is technically possible to convert a 2-hour video into a GIF.

What you should know about GIF files is that they are created in frames so that the final image can animate, with each frame stored individually. The GIF file format is characterised by lossless since the format always ends up with 256 colours only. This trait is actually lossy when you compare it with original or full-colour images. A problem you are likely to encounter is that once you create a large happy birthday gif from a 2-hour video, the file size will still be large. The result will see some web browsers or GIF players loading the file very slowly instead of the normal full speed.
This factor is however being compensated since it is not easy to find GIFs loading slowly on faster interest connections as well as faster processors or browsers. Also, understand that converting a video into a GIF file and including the words happy birthday in german will mean eliminating the audio. If you include sound, make sure everything is in sync. Generally, converting a 2-hour video into a GIF is possible, but this will entail a lot of processes as well as trials and errors. The GIF file will also be better if it is used offline.

Raquel (Author)