Buying Ring Light Needs Your Little Consideration

Professional photographers have a filming skill but the photographs or videos captured by them may not be as photogenic as it could be. Also, a person may not be as beautiful as he or she appears in the photograph. Thus, an individual’s appearance and photographer’s skill are not everything to create a photogenic picture. Photography tools such as camera lens, filters and lighting source play a big role in enhancing quality of a still picture or a video recording. You can’t have natural light at every filming location and if natural light is available, it may not be sufficient to capture the view. Traditional lighting tools can provide sufficient light needed to capture the view, but they may not be able to create photogenic effect.

Ring Light – best lighting tool
Ring Light is nothing more than a flash mounted in a circle around the camera lens so that lens can receive more light during photo shoot. It was created in 1952 for taking dental pictures with more accuracy, but later its use was extended to fashion photography. Ring Lights are available in three different diameters – small dimeter for medical purposes as well as big diameters of 9-inch and 12-inch for various other purposes.
Factors to consider in buying Ring Light
• Always buy a light weight Ring Light if you’re a professional photographer working in field and travel longer distance for your work.
• Never buy a cheap light made of inferior material, like plastic which may not last longer.
• Sometimes you observe some change in picture color which is due to chromatic aberration which needs your time to rectify on computer. So, always look for bit expensive, but buy chromatic aberration free light.
• Always ensure that you have light intensity setting in the device.
• Ensure that the product you’re buying has availability of spare parts, if you need some after your purchase.
• Price is very important, but always buy the one which can give optimal results.

Raquel (Author)