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Fortress Armour is a proven provider of highquality, modular UK body armour. At Fortress Armour, we are committed to designing, manufacturing and distributing a wide variety of concealable, tactical,cutting-edge ballistic, and lightweight protective stab vest, bullet proof vestto meet the various needs of security agents,military operatives, law enforcement agents, media personnel, and civilians. Our advanced body armour is distinguished by its reliable, innovative, and modular system – such that sets a new quality standard in the industry.

In case you ae looking for a trusted supplier, we are a reliable manufacturer and supplier of innovative UK body armour, such as ballistic panels,ballistic helmets, bullet proof vest and stab vests for both civilians and military operatives. Our wide range of premium body armour is designed and manufactured to meet a strict set of security criteria as well as to ensure a combination of lightweight qualities, modular build and cutting-edge protective technology. Our exclusive and branded materials and trademark approach continue to place Fortress Armour at the front position of designers, manufacturers and distributors of uk body armour worldwide.

Browse our website for a wide-ranging collection of concealable, tactical,cutting-edge ballistic, and lightweight protective and spike resistant stab vest, bullet proof vest that offer unmatched comfort and durability.

Are you in search of an innovative body armour for first responders, law enforcement agents,military operatives, and civilians? We offer a variety of high-end UK body armour that offers the best tactical andconcealable vests made in the UK–which include hard panels, combat vests,backpacks, helmets, etc. At Fortress Armour, we uniquely combine functionality and innovation, improving upon the military standard and yet maintaining the optimum protection of body vital organs. Our tactical body armour is manufactured with top grade Kevlar, and are designed to mitigate spall, shrapnel, and rust and to also withstand ballistic threats.

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