Benefits of the platform for your computer repair shop using the most accessible plans.

In My Gadget Repair Shop you will find the best platform for you and also facilitate the management of new companies in the market electronic repair shop in addition to providing a starting point for digital marketing and customer interaction with the provider and the seller of the service. Opening a new business is not the easiest task of all, however, it can be achieved with the help of this platform and the multiple modules that make it up and is what makes it so successful on the web.

It is available for English, Italian, French, German and much more, making it accessible to everyone. Depending on the plan chosen, the benefits vary and below you will find the most accessible plans that are offered monthly for your electronic repair shop
Free for life Plan (0 $)

• 25 monthly tickets and invoices
• 1 store or location (you cannot add more)
• 1 user per account
• 25 jobs
• Reports
• Notification alert
• A portal for the client
• Printing of barcodes
• Work timer
• 25 products or services.

Regular Plan ($ 30)

• 75 monthly tickets and invoices
• 1 store or location (More can be added)
• 2 users per account
• 75 jobs
• Reports
• Notification alert
• Portal for customers
• Bar code printing
• Advanced inventory management
• Time and attendance clock
• Existing import data
• Automated marketing
• 3D party integration
• Purchase orders
• Website Integration
• Advances
• Multiple store management
• Quotes

If we take into account the multiple benefits that this platform offers us with these two plans, which are the most accessible, they are an excellent option to start in the business phone parts or a computer repair store, it facilitates the management of inventory and sales made at the branch, helping you keep a clean and protected record.
Go to https://www.mygadgetrepairs.com/ sign up and start using your platform to boost your business.