Ana Kasparian a journalist with attitude

Prepare to meet a very unique character; we present Anahit Misak Kasparian, better known in the journalistic media as Ana Kasparian. Born in Los Angeles California on July 7, 1986, she has been developed as an actress and host, although he graduated in higher education as a degree in journalism at the State University Northridge in the year 2,007, then took the Master of Arts and Political Science in the year 2010.

His parents of Armenian origin emigrated and were eradicated in the city of Los Angeles, speaking to his daughter in their native language. After obtaining her university degree, this renowned conductor throughout the country, she worked as a production assistant on CBS Radio, a well-known station dedicated to news, and so on KFWB, KNX, AOL News, Youtube, the channel best-known network, just to name a few.

Continuing with her promotion in her career and receiving praise for her good performance, Ana Kasparian participates as producer of Cenk Uygur, belonging to the radio station Sirius XM Satellite, and on television with the internet program The Young Turks in the year 2012, standing out for expressing her opinions openly, what captivated her so much, that motivated her to continue venturing into this versatile and demanding medium, she has also been part of the animator team of the TYT Network program with the name of The Point, which has been popularized successfully.

Although little is known about her childhood and adolescence apart from the aforementioned, Ana Kasparian is currently married to minor league baseball player Christian Lopez, married in the year 2016 in a simple wedding and allowed themselves the luxury of that was very private with relatives, this genius of opinion programs has managed to amass a non-negligible bank account of about 2 million dollars, apart from maintaining business relationships in other areas.