Amazon account suspension a big hurdle in your e-commerce progress

In recent technology advance era, shopping has changed into e-commerce. Now no more people are interested in visiting 10 places and then selecting a dress or other item for them.

Online shopping portal has opened a great variety of items and a huge business opportunity. People are crazy about shopping, but earlier they have to go the respective shop and purchase. Technology has revolutionised the way of shopping.
Online shopping sites have one advantage also. They provide various opportunities like Amazon appeals etc. But what if your e-commerce account gets suspended? If you search in the internet search engine, many puzzled customers are searching ways to activate their suspended Amazon accounts.
How to prevent account of Amazon suspension?
1. Be a genuine seller – If you are a seller, every review of the customer is important. If you get a bad rating and many customers feel your product is not worth to purchase or they feel cheated, they will complain it to the website owner, and they will suspend your account.
2. The customer is God – If on live chat with the customer or if any query of the customer is not solved properly and they feel the seller is not answering properly, they complain it to the Amazon. So, seller has to be extremely
3. Download the app for online sites like Amazon app on your mobile phone – It will allow you to Amazon category approval easily. It will easy for the customer to trust your products. So the rating of your product will increase and so the sale of the product. Chances of getting the account suspended will be less.
4. Description of the product – It is a very important aspect of the product. If you can describe your product in a good manner will help the customer to understand it.
Thus, on the whole it will help in ensuring that you have the best for yourself!

Raquel (Author)