After Hair Transplant Care In Hair Transplant Surgery

After hair transplant singapore car is an important subject that patients that experience a hair transplant process have to understand and follow holistically.

All patients that had a hair transplant operation using a strip technique generally leave our hair transplant center with a bandage round their head. The bandage can be used simply to support the recently closed donor wound onto the back of the scalp. Patients have been given prescription for pain and anti-inflammatory medications for first couple of days after surgery. The first night after hair transplant surgery, patient has to be cautious not to rub or scratch the transplanted area. It is strongly recommended that most patients take it simple for the first times and prevent heavy physical exercises.

Those patients will need to return to physician evaluation and hair wash the day after operation. During this first visit, the bandage is removed and donor wound along with the transplanted hair is evaluated. The donor and recipient areas will need to be cleaned very attentively while teaching the patient how to wash it at home through day two to four weeks after hair transplantation. Wash hair after hair transplant operation has to be carried out twice each day with a distinctive method to lessen the probability of dislodging the grafts. Patients inquire if they could bypass washing within the first couple of times to avoid damaging the grafts. The answer is “No”. Hair wash is an integral step in hair transplant maintenance that guaranties the standard growth of the transplanted hair thinning grafts.

We’ve got a few restrictions in patient’s activities after hair transplant Singapore. Some practices advocate very strict principles for bodily activities. It is preferred that patient retains his ordinary daily activities with some small limitations. The activities that contribute to the tension of the wound borders at donor area ought to be avoided for the first four months after operation. Those activities are: extreme bending of neck and heavy weight lifting.

Raquel (Author)