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Advance Version Advances the Way of Thinking Too


WhatsApp Messenger is no more the only way to communicate and contact your loved ones, family, colleagues and friends. It has become much more than even desired. Of course, I am talking about advanced and modified version of WhatsApp that is in existence since 2012 and is known by the name WhatsApp Plus. Icon of WhatsApp Plus is blue instead of green, which is the original look of WhatsApp Messenger. Click here to view the source of the post, helps online.

Installation of WhatsApp plus

You can install Whatsapp plus from any online store and the process of installing is the same as you did for WhatsApp Messenger. Just need to install and open for filling the details of your number status and whatever it asks for. It gives an amazing experience of customized appearance that consists of background, themes and colors that you can choose according to your mood and requirement.

Please keep in mind, that you cannot install Whatsapp messenger and WhatsApp plus simultaneously on the same device. You can only install either of them. In addition to the features of original WhatsApp Messenger, you can get a lot more in WhatsApp Plus. Privacy settings are designed in such a way that if you do not want to share your profile picture, last seen timings or status to some of your contacts then you can change the settings accordingly. Your privacy is in your control now. Clickheretoviewthesourceofthepost, for information.

You can customize your App appearance the way you want it to look, as per your mood or anything else that affect your mood maybe your girlfriends choice or your boyfriends thinking. More than 700 free themes are available on WhatsApp Plus and more than 6 menus, used for editing appearance and settings. Let’s rock with the new WhatsApp Plus, the cool and funky way you want to be.

Raquel (Author)