About DNS Check Tools

Domain Name System or a DNS enables you to find computers on the Internet TCP/IP network or a network by domain name. The DNS server supports a database of host names or domain names and their corresponding IP addresses.
IP address: The address of a computer attached to a TCP/IP network. Each server and client station is expected to really have a IP address that was single.
Domain Name Software: Domain Name Software is recognized for its intensity of records on domain names, for example, Whois record, hosting SEO stats information, and enrollment details. All that information could be irresistible, especially when only specific portions of it might be significant to you.
DNS Records: A DNS Record is saved in zone file for every domain which has “resource records.” There are so on and quite lots of DNS Server info Kinds, for example, A, CNAME, MX, NS, TXT, SOA. For translating domain names to IP addresses and include information regarding name server and mail server, dNS records are used.
Whois Lookup: A Whois Lookup program is something to query the information of a domain name. It is as well used to ensure if the domain name in fact exists. The results range from the billing contact, the administrative contact, the technical contact as well as the name and address of the owner.
Traceroute Tools: An Internet Application which follows the path from your client machine to the remote host being contacted. It reports the IP addresses of all routers in between. It allows an individual to recognize the route taken to get in touch with a specific destination on the network by screening a list of routers passed through.

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