A pokemon water pipe with Pikachu character Japanese franchise

pokemon water pipe with Pikachu charachter is along which a device of filtration, which is basically used for smoking purpose either tobacco, cannabis, or other herbal products. Pokémon is a famous Japanese cartoon character of media. This is associated with video games which gradually become a card game and also an animated series.

Pokémon water pipe with Pikachu character
Pokémon is also associated with comic books and also very popular mobile game Pokémon. This may be in any form, accessories, apparel and toys and Pokémon GO. Pocket monsters are being the version shortened version. Poke balls are red balls; they are most adorable. Pikachu is one of the characters of Pokémon.
Pokémon water pipe with Pikachu character is being played by kids as well as by adults. It is an internationally popular character. In recent years in the name of Pokémon, bongs and water pipes are manufactured.
Also, other smoking gears are made. Just to follow the popularity of Pokémon. Smoking products are not having any license of Pokémon brand.
Bong is the other name of water pipe used as a filtration device. It is same as hookah. Just the difference lies in size. It is smaller and portable.

Bong or water pipe and its utility
Pokémon Bong is as same as a normal bong. The part of the bong is made up of different characters of Pokémon.
Usually, a bong is having an opening at the top and mouth piece is that larger top. Through which inhales the smoke the chamber is the long tube. At the bottom of the bong, a down stem glass tube goes down
In the dowse, bowl with weed is fit. For ventilation, there is a hole in the chamber. Pokémon water pipe with Pikachu character is the upgraded bong which is same as hookah.

Raquel (Author)