3 Best Tennis Rackets For Beginners

Selecting from the best tennis racquets for beginners is not really an easy choice to make. There are lots of models and brands that it most times seem difficult to know where to start choosing from. Tennis racquets come in diverse sizes, weights and shapes. These differences will affect how you play your tennis game either for better or for worse – reason you need to make a right choice. I present in this article the three best tennis racquets for beginners. However, before choosing ensure you knowhow to string a tennis racket without any hassle because most racquets come un-stung, also knowing tennis racquet ratings will guide you to making right choice. Listed below are the three best tennis racquets for beginners.

Wilson US Open Junior Tennis racquet review
This racquet is the best choice for every tennis beginner. It comes in various sizes for perfect fit with ease. This racquet also has cool grip for all time easy handling. More so, it comes equipped with premium design.
wilson federer adult strung tennis racket review
The Wilson Federer Adult strung tennis racket is an easy to swing and extremely lightweight racket. The racket has a lightweight frame fitted to suit tennis beginners. It is equipped with special pads to aid shock absorption. It also comes with a special perforated grip to keep user’s hands free of sweat and cool.
Babolat Pure Drive racquet review
This racquet is a lighter version of the iconic Pure Drive. It has a lighter weight which suits a wider variety of players including juniors graduating to begin their first racquet practice. Its string is equipped with a built-in vibration dampener to stop vibration from going down the racket and into your hand and arm.
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